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Swift or SwiftUI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Object Capture, ShazamKit, Xcode 13, Xcode Cloud, Swift Playgrounds 4

Индивидуальное обучение Swift программа курса

Swift and SwiftUI

Swift now features built-in concurrency support to let you easily write code that does work in parallel. With Swift Concurrency you can write fast, modern, safe code with fewer mistakes, and take full advantage of the powerful multicore silicon across Apple’s devices.

SwiftUI helps you build great-looking apps across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift — and as little code as possible. With SwiftUI, you can bring even better experiences to all users, on any Apple device, using just one set of tools and APIs.

Machine Learning

The power of Create ML is now available as a Swift framework on iOS and iPadOS. Programmatically experiment and automate model creation in Swift scripts or playgrounds. Build dynamic app features that leverage Create ML APIs to train models directly from user input or on-device behavior, providing personalized and adaptive experiences while preserving user privacy.

Augmented Reality

ARKit 5 includes features and improvements that make the AR experiences in your apps better than ever. Place Location Anchors in even more cities, pin virtual content within your App Clips or ARKit apps to a printed or digital App Clip Code, take advantage of Face Tracking in the Ultra Wide camera on iPad Pro (5th generation), and more.

Object Capture

Turn a series of 2D images from your iPhone or iPad into a photorealistic 3D object that’s optimized for AR, so you can make unique 3D models without any 3D modeling experience.

In-app purchase technologies

StoreKit 2 introduces powerful new APIs in Swift that make supporting in- app purchases and subscriptions easier than ever. The new App Store Server API helps you support users and resolve in-app purchase issues more quickly. And App Store Server Notifications provide real-time updates on your in-app purchases, so you can create customized experiences for your users.


Enrich your app experience with audio recognition. Match music to the millions of songs in Shazam’s vast catalog or make any prerecorded audio recognizable by building your own custom catalog using audio from video, podcasts, and more.

Camera Capture

With new AVFoundation APIs, you can easily support Portrait mode video, voice isolation, and wide spectrum audio, providing an enhanced audiovisual experience in your conferencing apps.

Xcode 13 and Xcode Cloud

Xcode 13 adds powerful new team development features. Initiate, review, comment, and merge pull requests directly within Xcode, and see your teammates’ comments directly in your code. You can even quickly compare any two versions of your code files. And the Xcode Cloud continuous integration service brings together cloud-based tools that help teams of all sizes to build, test, and deliver high-quality apps even more efficiently.

Swift Playgrounds 4

Build iPhone and iPad apps on iPad and upload them directly to App Store Connect. You can see code changes immediately in the live preview, test apps in full screen, and edit in Swift Playgrounds on iPad as well as in Xcode on Mac thanks to a new open project format.

Индивидуальное обучение Swift программа курса

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