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Our students study at Harvard. Anastasia Sotnikova from St. Petersburg

Today is a bright holiday in our hearts, and we are in a hurry to share this warmth with you! Pride overwhelms our team, because the labors and efforts were not in vain. Anastasia Sotnikova, a girl with a golden intellect and steel perseverance, a student of our educational institution from the magnificent St. Petersburg, opened the doors of one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world - the Harvard Business School!

Anastasia showed brilliant erudition, successfully passing the TOEFL by 93%, which in itself is a huge achievement. But she did not stop there – her ambitions and desire to study among the best found a response within the walls of Harvard. Our certificate of quality of education has become a well–deserved addition to her portfolio, and the financial assistance received from a prestigious educational institution is recognition of her potential and capabilities.

With an affirmative letter from Harvard Business School in her hands, Anastasia enters a new, exciting stage of her life. She will become part of the global community of leaders, innovators and thinkers. We feel unspeakable pride for our student, because her achievements are a vivid example of how dedication and the pursuit of knowledge are able to open the most prestigious doors in the world.

We would like to note that, unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot show you her photo or reveal her social media pages. But we assure you, Anastasia's smile is as radiant as her mind.

Let's support Anastasia in this exciting endeavor and follow her progress, which, we are sure, will inspire the next generations of students of our educational institution. Thank you, Anastasia, for being a shining example of perseverance and dreams for all of us!
Congratulations to our star! Let her path be illuminated by knowledge, and her horizons be infinitely open!