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Hello, Harvard University

We've started to prepare for admission to Harvard University, our student Anna Beier. Harvard University values candidates with special talents and outstanding personal qualities, who are able to value time and use their opportunities, who are able to be leaders and take care of others. Initiative, passion, open-mindedness, diligence. Anna has all of the above, in addition to that she already has a sold project, her own application and our certificate.
We'll provide you with our best teachers and developers to strengthen your knowledge and skills to write more complex projects on Swift, as well as help you make a plan to update an already sold application on a commercial basis so that you can refine it in the future – gradually. After that, we will develop a joint project, we're going to prepare it completely for publication in the App Store and publish the same application on Github. In general, there is a lot of work. Go ahead.
P.S. At the moment, we will provide this opportunity only for Anna Beier.