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DoctorSand, new version is available now

new version is available now!

DoctorSand is a free mobile application that will acquaint you with new achievements in dentistry and help you to find a dentist who will help keep your teeth strong and healthy!

Every one of us remembers the feeling of discomfort just seeing a traditional drill. And if it started to work, many people caused involuntary pain, even if they were not in the dental chair. Until recently, there was simply no other way to remove damaged tooth tissues.

However, modern dental engineering has developed a completely new and unparalleled way to carry out the necessary effects on dental tissue without physical touch.

A DoctorSand dentist will solve your problems without pain and stress once and for all!
Select the country, city, and dental clinic where you live and find a DoctorSand dentist.

The new generation method is applied by progressive dentists who show real care for their patients’ teeth and have grateful patients all over the world.
The new technology of non-contact preparation is available now!

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