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Anna sold her first app for 650€ and we want to congratulate her on her first sale

We want to tell you about our student Anna Beier, who studied in the individual course "iOS developer - Swift" in our company. We previously published a post about this. A few days ago Anna sold her first app for 650€ and we want to congratulate her on her first sale.
During the course, Anna asked a lot of questions, did all her homework, and also took topics to repeat, so that she could start developing  her own application as soon as possible. Responsible approach to the process, perseverance and great desire - gave these results.

After completing the course, Anna started developing her own first app without our help, as we are helping to develop only one app for the AppStore.She had a fear.. a fear of making a mistake or doing something worng, of screwing up the code. Do not give up. do not worry!

A few tips from our teachers on how to proceed in this case:
  • Always remember: code is a text, and it can always be changed.
  • If something happens, you can ask the teacher for advice (only for GURU customers).
  • If you are not sure that you can write the whole project, write a part, a prototype, screens and some functions. It is worth starting somewhere, eventually a solution will be found.
  • Don't be afraid to ask, all developers were once beginners, and everyone went this way.
A week later, our team asked how Anna was working on her dream app. In response, we received many questions about the project, after that we answered the questions in detail and also consulted about the future actions. It has been more than a month since that moment and in one day we received a working prototype with almost all the functions that Anna knew and studied in our course. Excellent, there is a result already, again a consultation and a little help.

After 27 days, Anna completed the project. After 11 days, they published an application in the AppStore with a teacher, and after 4 days, the project was sold.
Congratulations to you.